Justine and I went to Wangal today to see one of the main festivals of Benguet which is the Adivay Festival. It is its last day today and we really allotted our afternoon in visiting the fest for our third and last paper requirement in our Tourism class (Social Science 198). We were to choose one of the towns and municipalities of Benguet and discuss their food production and security there (which I’ve decided to have a separate post of).

It was a more or less 30 minute jeepney ride. The moment we arrived at the place, we started roaming around to check each one of the municipalities’ booth. It was a great experience. The ambiance is very native-ish and rural-istic (any word that’s synonymous to these applies. You know what I mean lol). We barely saw foreigners because of the people visiting the fest were mostly locals.

After looking at all the booths, we decided to do the municipality of Itogon. To be honest, what really attracted and got us chose it was it’s very attractive landscape which won 2nd best after La Trinidad’s. We started our mini research and interviewed one of the fruit and vegetable vendors in the booth. We asked her the questions we personally prepared that we thought would help us write our individual papers. The interview went smoothly and we finished it in just a matter of minutes, 10 to 20 minutes or so.

The following are just some of the booths i’d had the chance of taking a picture of:dsc08182dsc08183dsc08184dsc08185dsc08186dsc08188dsc08191dsc08192dsc08198

After the interview, Justine and I have decided to see next the Trade Fair in the other part of the place. We roamed around to check the stuff being sold there. It was like a tiangge actually. There are lots of books in sale and a lot of food stalls. As the person we are, twa’s a given that we won’t really leave the place without buying and eating anything so we bought food and drinks. Justine first bought a sweet corn and since I don’t like sweet corns that much, I bought Vigan’s empanada instead.

When we bought our own foods already, we then went and joined that little crowd watching those random people who wanted to sing onstage. What was funny was that the moment we arrived there there was this guy who went on stage and sang Born For You. Like seriously! Of all the songs he could sing why did he choose that song! Nekekeenes. Haha! Justine just laughed and loudly sang the lyrics too.

After we finished our sweet corn and empanada, we went next to the stall of Master Siomai and ordered siomai and gulaman. Yasss we’re hungry why not. Haha. We went back to Baguio after because we still have a General Assembly in Econ Soc to attend to.



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