Jelynda Urbano Dela Cruz
Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences
Major in Economics, Minor in Political Science

“Sometimes the most scenic roads in life are the detours you didn’t mean to take.”
― Angela N. Blount, Once Upon an Ever After

This quote may be one of the MANY quotes that could describe my life these past four years. Looking back, I realized that I actually took a lot of detours this college.

✔ Pumasa sa UPCAT
UP wasn’t my dream university but UPCAT turned out to be the only college entrance exam that I took. Dahil una, para saan yung P500 na ibabayad ko kung sakali sa entrance exams na ititake ko kung hindi ko naman balak pumasok sa universities na pag-eexam-an ko. Sayang (Nasayangan ako). Good thing, libre yung UPCAT nun para sa top 10 students ng class. 😂  Pangalawa, nagkataon na yung scheduled entrance exam ng dream university ko sumabay sa contest noon na sinalihan ko. Sad life. But I was ready to prepare myself and pull my shts together that summer after my HS graduation. I was even scheduled to take other college entrance exams and then UPCAT result happened.

✔ Baguio
After highschool, nasa mindset ko na na sa Manila ako mag-ccollege with my sister. But as what I’ve said, UPCAT result happened. My Tita, who also graduated from UP, persuaded my mom to let me go to Baguio and study in UP. Sayang daw kasi UP.

✔ Degree Program
When I filled out my application form for UPCAT before, the only sure thing that I put there was the degree program that I wanted to take. The campuses? I just checked UP Baguio because aside from UPD, it is the only UP campus that I was familiar of that time. For the program, I chose BS Biology because I really love Biology and then minutes before the deadline, I put BS Management Economics as the second option. I was admitted in UP Baguio under the BS Biology degree program. But during the day of enrollment, I’ve decided to shift to BA Social Sciences because I thought about the job opportunities that I could get if ever I’ll take Bio. I didn’t have a plan of going to med school after so I thought that time that BS Biology wasn’t for me. One more thing, Economics got me curious during my fourth year in high school and I saw that there was an option for taking Political Science as a minor so that led me to the degree program that I’ve studied for four years in the university.

✔ Transferring to another Campus
I already planned it the moment I enrolled. Planado at pursigido akong lumipat ng campus after my first year in college. I was planning to transfer to Diliman. But when the time came that I badly needed to decide already, I didn’t expect it to be that hard because of the many possibilities. It’s hard because of the adjustments that I’ll take if ever. It’s hard because I was too lazy to process the papers and other requirements needed for transferring. 😂 It’s hard because I’ve already established friendships here that are hard to leave. Thinking all about these stuff, I’ve decided to stay at the end of the day. One more thing, naisip ko rin na kung lilipat ako, hindi ko na magagawang umuwi ng Pangasinan WEEKLY. 😂

These are just some of the many detours that I had this college. It seemed like almost everything that I’ve planned for myself didn’t turn out the way I planned them but you know what, it’s okay. It’s okay because I had a blast and everything turned out so well. It is fine because what matters most is that I have enjoyed, learned, and I’ve grown. Most things might not turned out as planned but at least, yung plano kong makagraduate after four years, mangyayari na. Malapit na malapit na. ❤



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