WATCHING (had a marathon today of) UP Pep Squad’s performances in the UAAP Cheerdance Competition. Have missed them during yesterday’s competition so yeah (PS THEY SHOULD’VE WON LAST YEAR. REALLY! #CannotMoveOn #WontMoveOn lol). Also, right now, i am watching W because Lee Jung Sook (am I right? LOL) is such a cutie and a hottie at the same time hihi

WRITING this Sunday Currently entry and am planning to write and publish more blog posts since this blog’s celebrated its anniv pala the other day i forgot huhu and i really have a lot of things that I wanted to share I just need more time and kasipagan pls

LISTENING to the deafening silence here at home since everyone’s asleep already (besides me and Jessa)

THINKING of waking up early tomorrow since it’s the first day for pre-enlistment for next sem. Agawan nanaman ng subjects (sighs)!

SMELLING the smell of the printer’s ink that I’ve spilled awhile ago haha (sorry mum ✌)

WISHING for the self to get over him completely already 😉

HOPING to survive this week and the coming hell weeks ahead

WEARING this pink shirt with a printed “oopsy i said f*ck” on it (ha ha) and one of my fave house high-waist shorts

LOVING tonight’s family dinner at Papa Dong’s Cine Grill Resto

WANTING to eat some chips (because Jessa was eating some awhile ago) but I cannot since I am on the process of depuffing my face 😅 Have been controlling myself from eating salty foods since yesterday . Yay!

NEEDING some motivation because i am not really in the mood to do any of my acads. Hell week na kaya!

FEELING meh at the moment. I am already sleepyyyy.






WATCHING random vids on Youtube. I got bored awhile ago so I just browse on Youtube and watched some funny vids.

WRITING nothing in particular yet. But this aft, I wrote my essay for our year book. I wasn’t in the mood to write so everything was a rush because deadline’s awhile ago as well. Wrote for an hour and am not the satisfied with what I submitted to be honest. Ish!

LISTENING to the lil homies playing outside. How good it is to become a child again. Plus, James Reid’s goddamn sweet voice bec le sister’s watching some YT vids (his This Time music vid with Nadine). Hihi

THINKING about what to read next. And yes! I have lots of time to spare considering that exam and finals week is approaching lol not lol

SMELLING the smell of this Vigan Kalamay that my Tito has brought for me. I was complaining the whole day because I didn’t have the chance to have some last night that’s why he brought me some tonight. Hurrah!

WISHING for the days to pass fast so that it’s Christmas already. I am so excited!!!

HOPING to handle the org duties well this week since it’s UPSS’ anniversary week celebration and it’s CSS Week as well.

WEARING an over sized shirt and a comfy short short

LOVING this weekend. Really! Family gatherings are the best!!! AND there are just a lot of food i cannot stop eating huhuhu

WANTING to post something interesting but I can’t really think of anything interesting to post at the moment

NEEDING something to eat that’s salty. I just had too much sugar intake for today.

FEELING contented because I had spent the whole weekend with the whole family/clan again. My heart is soooo happy. Love you, fam! 👄




READING some articles regarding Aristotle’s notion of Social Justice awhile ago for the paper that I was writing but now am fangirl-ing and reading tweets about Maine and Alden. Omg my fangirl 💜 is so happy since yesterday! 😍 Also, just like what I said weeks ago, I would start reading a new book so I did. Am now at chap four (if am not mistaken) of my love’s (Nicholas Sparks) Dear John. ❤

WRITING (just finished) my critique paper on Aristotle’s notion of Social Justice for my Political Philosophy class. Gahd! After two weeks, I finally finished it. That’s really what happens when procrastination is always at its finest! 😂

LISTENING to Aiza Seguerra’s version of Sana Maulit Muli. Okay, so I have this mood for OPM tods. I started listening to OPM songs at Spotify (Pinoy Love Ballads) since I started writing my paper earlier this aft. There’s just really something on OPM that pinches my heart, ya know. Iba e. Ibang-iba yung hugot! Yung hagod! Iba! 😂

THINKING about changing my blog’s theme. Want it to be more classy and minimalist but I want it still pink and girly at the same time. How would I do that you guys tell me!

SMELLING this scent of the Lux soap that I used few minutes ago when I washed.

WISHING that this guy from uni won’t open up the topic regarding my tweet and my sister’s Facebook post when we see each other at uni this coming Tuesday. Seriously! I don’t have the guts to face him. Hindi ko naman kasi talaga siya gusto pero na-misinterpret naman na ng halos lahat yung posts, i kennat. Kaiyak ma-judge. 😭

HOPING to get back my mood for acads so that I could resume thesis-ing A-S-A-P!!!

WEARING these comfy boxer shorts (e nasa bahay lang naman ako the whoe day so why not 😂 and sleeveless top (with a bear printed on it)

LOVING these OPM songs. Really!!! ❤

WANTING food and more food and a lot more food!!! I was craving for chocolates, ice cream, fries, and spaghetti since last night. Gusto ko mag McDo!

NEEDING some more kasipagan but i guess i also need sleep mewls

FEELING h-u-n-g-r-y!!! I forgot to eat my lunch that’s why. So I gotta go now and grab my dinner. Lez eat!!!


Actually, I am not reading any book at the moment since acads got me too occupied these past few weeks and month. Though I am planning to start a new one soon. Seriously! I miss reading. 😩

I just finished  writing some interview questions for Econ Soc’s Application Process (interview) this coming Wednesday and Thursday. A lil bit proud of the self after finding out that some concepts from my basic, micro and macroeconomics are still stored in my brain cells. Thought i’ve already lost them! 😂

To my baby bro who’s reading something ’bout economic sphere and stuff for his report tomorrow. Seriously! T’is a miracle that he’s studying!!! Ha-ha!

Nothing in particular though I got a lot of things that I SHOULD think about (ie. thesis, topic for Econ Soc’s Money Talks, theme and costumes for my photo shoot this coming Saturday, and a lot more! Ugh acads! It sucks being a senior!!!) 💔

This sweet smell of Toblerone 🍫

For the time to stop or move a lil bit slower so that this day won’t be over yet. I don’t wanna go back to Baguio just yet.😢

To survive this week full of requirements!!!

This super comfy white and sleeveless bestida.

The fact that I could eat whatever I want here at home. There are just so many sweets and chocolates and I really missed my pop’s recipes!

To just spend all my time here at home with the fam.

Some more time and break from acads! Puh-lease.

Down because of the fact that I already need to go back to Baguio tomorrow but still happy that I had the chance to spend this weekend here at home with the family. 😊