Ending 2016 with the Grade School Squad


In this photo L-R: Lynmir – Mayvilyn – Jelyn – Jessa – Kent – Rayvin – Efraim – Jeruel – Austine – Marcus – Michael – Deejay BTS/Photographer friend: April 

When it comes to these people, any rush decision and plan is possible! 😁
It all started because of the unplanned gala a few of us had at plaza last night. The others got envious that when we said that next time we should be complete already, they planned of having  a get together and a reunion all of a sudden. After the messy and fully-loaded planning we had in the group chat which reached until 1am, we ended up with a lunch picnic at the beachfront. It is just amazing because the number of those who are present today wasn’t bad!

We just ate, took pictures, and shared a lot of intrigas and stories. We still bully and tease each other and shared a lot of jokes and laughters. It feels so good and surprising that after years, from being those timid and naughty grade schoolers, we could see in each of us that sense of maturity and responsibility. We don’t talk about just crushes and stuff. We talk about school, courses, and future plans yet in a funny way. I think being childish in a moment or so couldn’t be lost in any reunion like this one.

Photos While Waiting For The Others



That “kunwari candid” post LOL

Lunch Photos



Galit-galit daw muna ha ha



Pero napansin ko ang dami ko ring candid shots. Yung totoong candid. Hahaha! Totoo ba. Trip ata ako nung photographer. Charot. Joke. JOKE LANG TALAGA. NAGPAPATAWA LANG AKO. YUNG SARILI KO LANG DIN PERO NATAWA. HAHAHAHA! Hoy pero in all fairness, bet ko yung shots kaya ko nga nilagay dito lol 😉 😂













Dumating na si Congressman!!!





We didn’t really have enough time tho since it is the last day of the year and we still need to prepare for later’s celebration of New Year’s Eve. We have families waiting for us so at around 3pm, we have decided to go and get to our own families already to celebrate the rest of the day with them. It was a simple gathering but this is of those memories I’ll definitely treasure. Thank you guys for making the last day of this year memorable for me! We’ll end 2016 just right. Cheers to our friendship, and I am looking forward to more of this in the coming years! HAPPY NEW YEAR, LES VI-FL BATCH 2009! 😘🍷🎉


Don’t You Take Me for Granted…

because I get tired, too!


Today started with be getting pissed of these two of my closest friends. These past few days they keep on sending me messages both in Messenger and my phone asking me if we can go out since it’s the 30th already. They wanna go and hang out but I don’t. I may sound so bitchy and immature but damn it I am tired. I am tired of being taken for granted. I am still hurt about last time. That time when I chose to be with them instead of our other friends and they nearly ditched me. I mean, yea, they still went to watch with me that event I wanna watch but at the end of that day I still ended up hanging out with those friends I ditched.

What I am trying to say is that just because I always make myself free for them it already comes to the point that I feel like being taken for granted. They left me that time because they said they don’t have money and still have to do some school requirements then what? I’ll see their posts and photos in Facebook chilling, roaming, and having fun in Manila? Nasaan yung walang pera? Nasaan yung may acads? Now tell me who won’t get pissed!

And now they won’t stop bothering me! I am busy too. I have life aside from them and they can’t understand that? They were asking me if I can go out with them but I already have prior commitments with my cousins. I admit that I became so heartless when I let them wait for about three or four hours in that coffee shop. To be honest, naisipan ko ring pumunta nalang and just effin end the drama. But no, I let my pride drove and control me. But hey, I already told them that I won’t go so they shouldn’t waste their time! Sabi ko next time nalang with our other grade school friends! Hindi sila naniwala. They chose to wait. They thought di ko sila matitiis at ipagpapaliban ko kung auma ang ginagawa ko at ibang plano ko para sa kanila. But damn, no! I won’t. No, not this time. They pushed me into my limits. Done! May karapatan din naman akong magtampo at umayaw di ba? Nobody wants to be taken for granted. And yes, my heart may be so fragile but it could be as damn hard as a rock, too.

Family and Fat Season!


Since these past few weeks, our relatives already started arriving for Holidays. And last night, another set (which includes the STRICTEST TITO on Earth) has arrived. It was a mixed of emotions, really. It’s a bit frightening because he’ll preach us all for sure regarding our internet and social media use and stuff (lovelife, per se. This is actually one of those days that being single becomes a good thing. No one-on-one talk with him about responsibilities, studies first, and what nots) but it is also exciting because duh! Family reunion?! It’s always amazing and wonderful. It’s amazing because there are always a lot of foods, and picnics, and gifts! 😁 It’s so great being a part of a big family. One sad thing though about having a lot of people around is the deprivation of sleep! That’s what I felt just earlier today. The surrounding was so noisy that I was awaken by the noise. Everyone was chatting and laughing that I didn’t have any other choice but to get up already because there’s no way of getting back to sleep. *sighs* I can’t sleep? I’ll just eat instead! Huhu. Sorry, self! I’ll make it up to you after vacation. ✌

The “SINGLEBELLS SQUAD”: Girlfriends for Keeps 💋

It has been a while since I last saw these girls that’s why I was so excited meeting them all again. As usual, we met at Capitol Grounds at around 1pm (okay I was late AGAIN. Nothing new! Ha ha). We then went to the beachfront and stayed at one of the cottages there. We just ate and chat and chat and chat. We really did a lot of catching up because we badly needed that! It was so nice having girls talk with these friends. Though we don’t usually see each other and we rarely talk, we still feel that comfort and “at home feels” when we’re together that we still and always click. No dead air, no awkwardness, just quirkiness and laughters! These girlfriends are definitely for keeps! I’ll miss you, guys. I’ll see you the soonest! 😘

A Christmas Day Well Spent

This year’s Christmas Day just like any other of the family’s Christmas Day in the past few years started with the family’s gathering for a meal at midnight. The whole fam just shared a meal and a lot of chatting!


At midnight with these boys-next-door cousins mewls!


After eating, gift opening, and the long hours of chatting, each and everyone started then to prepare to sleep since it is passed 2 am already. While everyone at home’s getting ready to sleep, I was preparing to give my present to the parentals. I was waiting for the time to come the entire night!

When the parentals were already in their room, I then went there and give my present. I really don’t have money to buy Christmas gifts this year so I really hoped that my graduation photos would be enough. Haha!

I was so thrilled watching them excitedly opening the gifts. They keep on asking what it is. The two frames were wrapped with Christmas wrapper, bubble wrap and folders so it took them a minute or so until they finally saw what they actually are. The first word that came from my mom’s mouth was, “Wow,” and then she kissed me. I could also see that smile on the face and in the eyes of Papa. I feel so happy and fulfilled seeing them that happy. I cannot explain how fulfilling seeing my parents that way. They even went out of their room and went to my tito and tita who also stayed here at home for tonight and let them see the photos. They hugged and kissed me and won’t stop congratulating me. I feel so flattered and happy. I am not just happy because of their complements. What makes me happier is their reaction. All of them. AAAAH!!!! ANG SAYAAAA! ANG FULFILLING TALAGA! That is why I sleep with  smiling lips and and a happy heart. ❤

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The fam went out today for Christmas and Papa’s birthday celebration as well. We went to the mall to have a lunch date. We also stroll around for an hour or so. And just like every Christmas, it was already a family tradition that we go and watch a movie so me and the sibs had a movie date treat by mom. The parentals didn’t join us anymore because they still have to do the grocery and cook because Papa will have visitors in the afternoon. Jessa, Tristan and I had watched Vince, Kath, and James and it was definitely a feel-good movie. We enjoyed it! (I will have a separate entry for a brief review of the movie later) After watching the movie, we then decided to go home already and join the family in celebrating the rest of the day! It is indeed a merry and happy Christmas! It is a Christmas day well spent. MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE! 🎄 And Happy Birthday, Jesus and Papa! 🎉😘

The Truth About Having a Strict Father

Dear Parentals, 

Did this mean that i am allowed to have a boyfriend now?

Me (saw mom cleaning the bangus in the sink): Ikaw magluluto, Ma? (My mom doesn’t cook. Nang-aasar lang ako! 😂😂😂) Turuan mo nga ako.
Mama: Pa, turuan mo raw magluto ‘yang anak mo.
Papa: Yan, matuto ka. Mag aasawa ka na di ka pa marunong magluto.
Me: Asawa agad e mag-boypren nga bawal.
Papa: Sino may sabi?
Jessa (laughing)
Papa: Pero subukan nya muna ako. Tapos talunin niya muna ako sa inuman.

*kroo kroo*

First thought: SABI KO NGA HINDI PA RIN PWEDE. Pag ganyan ang sagot, ibig sabihin hindi pa rin. Malabo pa ring pumayag. Ilang taon nang yan ang naririnig kong sagot e. Lol.

Second thought: SO GUSTO NG TATAY KO LASENGGO MAGING BOYPREN KO? TOTOO BAAAA. Kasi gusto niya matalo siya sa inuman e, e di dapat yung malakas uminom diba? Lmao! 😲😲😲😂😂😂

But on the serious note, Jessa and I talked about this and we can’t really imagine how we could bring a guy here at home and introduce them to our parents especially to paps. It seems so hard and frightening lalo pa’t very strict si Papa. No guy ever met his expectations. SO FAR. And I think it’s definitely hard to get one. Remembering the old days, every time he hears guy names being linked to me and get to know them, he ends up saying, “Ayoko dun.” Kahit pati Nanay ko inaasar na ako, siya wala. Laging negative. THIS. IS. GONNA. BE. HARD.  Jeez!


First and foremost, before I start my entry about this Thought Catalog thingy, lemme greet my Joao first a Happy Birthday! Yay! Ang fangirl, kainis. Wala e siya nalang talaga nagpapakilig sa akin ngayon. Lmao! 😂😂😂


So, let’s start thought cataloging! Ano raw?! Haha.
I am just so happy today because i found a very wonderful site and blog. A friend shared an article on Facebook that’s why I got the chance to discover and know this blog entitled, “Thought Catalog.” There are just so many good reads in the site that’s why I chose some interesting articles and printed them! I am so excited to read them all! 😊