First and foremost, before I start my entry about this Thought Catalog thingy, lemme greet my Joao first a Happy Birthday! Yay! Ang fangirl, kainis. Wala e siya nalang talaga nagpapakilig sa akin ngayon. Lmao! 😂😂😂


So, let’s start thought cataloging! Ano raw?! Haha.
I am just so happy today because i found a very wonderful site and blog. A friend shared an article on Facebook that’s why I got the chance to discover and know this blog entitled, “Thought Catalog.” There are just so many good reads in the site that’s why I chose some interesting articles and printed them! I am so excited to read them all! 😊




This Joao and the rest of the Boyband PH

It actually started because of boredom. Vacation got me so chill at home that there were times and days like this one that I have nothing to do so I just lie down on my bed all day long in front of my lappy (and yes I could do this the entire day lol), and browse my social networking accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. That is why I had the chance to fangirl again and keep up with what’s happening in PH TV. 😂

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I got interested with Pinoy Boyband Superstar because when my vacation just started, it was one of the FEW shows that I have watched. I wasn’t really a fan but I was able to watch the very first episode of the show. It was only the first episode and the last two (the finals) that I have watched before. I watched the Finals because of Neil Murillo. This kid got me in awe of his audition performance that I even downloaded his video. I was rooting for him to win that night so I watched and saw the other finalists. The competition and all of the guys were interesting that even when Neil already got the first spot of becoming a member of the boyband, I still looked forward to the announcement of the other winners the next night. And I must say that Ford Valencia and Russell Reyes were really good. Tony Labrusca could also be a good choice. BUT who really got my attention after that night was Joao Constancia. Yes, he wasn’t that good in singing but damn he’s so hot and appealing! 😍 That was when I started fangirling again after quite some time now. I was stalking Joao since yesterday but while doing so, I couldn’t also stop myself from admiring the other members of Boyband PH including Tristan Ramirez. They were all charming and good to watch that I didn’t realize that I actually marathoned and watched all of the episodes of the Pinoy Boyband Superstar. Damn! 😂

These guys made me so occupied these past few days and I am happy that we actually have these talented guys in the PH entertainment industry. Social climbers and socialites might say and judge how “jejemon” fangirls like me are but who the hell cares! I mean, this is talent! These guys got what it takes to be artists. I just can’t understand why and how people could easily judge others calling them jejemon without even trying to understand and really know who these guys are and what they have. One more thing, hindi ka-jeje-han to e. Fortunately, I just know how to appreciate “talent.”

I just hope that the other young Filipinos out there learn how to appreciate the talent of our fellas. We must appreciate OPM. I don’t understand why there are others who are so “diring-diri” of admiring OPM and Filipino talents that they choose Hollywood and Kpop instead. I don’t have anything against Hollywood and Kpop culture. In fact, I also admire and idolize them but what I’m trying to say is, if we can do that — supporting other’s culture and talents — why can’t we do that to our own? Yung iba naman mga social climber at pa-sosyal lang that’s why they are so proud and outspoken when it comes to their Hollywood idols and stuff! (Wow, galit na galit, Jel? 😂).

But seriously, I know where the others are coming from. I mean, yes there are those Filipino celebrities and music that really suuuuuck but  for Pete’s sake, let’s give these guys a chance because they deserve it. Their talents deserve it. One more thing, to ABS CBN, most especially ASAP, why don’t  you people let them perform live? Puro na lang lipsync. KAYANG MAG-LIVE NIYANG MGA YAN! Na-train sa PBS ano ba! Wag igaya kina Kathryn Bernardo and the others! Charot. I am not hating, I am just saying. 😁

So because these guys already got me and I am a fan, let me make this entry be more about them. Let’s start with this young kiddo (oh my God I feel so old) who became the reason why I actually got to know the group.


He’s the youngest in the group and he was also the first chosen member of Boyband PH. I think what people really saw and sees in him is his masa appeal. Compared to the four, he’s the one who has the least confidence when performing. But as what everyone says, he definitely improved a lot. Plus, I love his voice. I really loved his version of Sam Concepcion’s Mahal na Mahal. That’s definitely my fave in all of the performances he had in PBS. Plus, that I Swear cover with Russell and Ford.




Ang pogi ng panga jusq haha

To be honest, Russell impressed so much during the finals. That cover of Adele’s All I Ask was superb! That was the first time I saw and heard him sing and he got me already. But what made me LOVE him was his personality. At first, I cringed when I watched his audition. I got disappointed because of that arrogant aura he carries with him but after watching all the PBS videos, his performances, and above all, the behind-the-scenes and kiligity videos, damn I loved this man since then. After Joao, he’s next on my list. Lol! He is just so funny and adorable! I also saw determined he was during the entire competition that he started learning speaking Tagalog. His rendition of Jay R’s Bakit Pa Ba was also commendable! He’s known to be the one who has the most powerful vocal in the group. He’s also charming most especially when he is singing! Nag-iiba yung aura ‘pag nagpe-perform! At yung panga bes, iba! Haha! Antukin din siya. Kung saan-saan natutulog, mapasahig di pinapalagpas. Haha!



I see him serious. Maybe because he’s one of the most mature among the guys in the group. But sure thing, when you hear this guys sing, you’ll love him. Ang ganda ng boses. SOBRA! He can dance, too. A total package. I could see him a soloist, in fact. But he definitely suits the boy band as well. I love all of his performances because he’s really good but what I love the most were his covers of Mariah Carey’s Angel’s Cry (that was so heart melting and emotional), Without You (sobrang galing niya dito!!!), and I Swear with Neil and Russell (ang ganda ng blending ng boses nilang tatlo). Si Ford din yung tipong binoboyfriend. Harot! Hahahaha.




I didn’t see this one coming, to be honest. While watching the finale, it was Tony Labrusca who I was rooting for for the fifth spot. That’s why when they announced him as the fourth member (with Joao and Tony still not being called out), I cringed. I could still remember in fact, that me and my sibs were bashing him and all. But after my stalking and marathon of PBS, this guy has earned my respect. Though until now I still feel like Tony deserves his spot, I already accepted the fact that this guy won instead and people can’t do anything with it. Sad thing’s that there were a lot, and when i say lot, sure thing it WAS A LOT, of mean comments about his winning during the finale of PBS and i feel sorry and sympathizes with him. What made me accept Tristan being in the group is his personality. He is such a humble person. He’s also funny. And I believe that the group needs someone like him. Watch that GGV episode with these guys as Vice’s guests and you’ll understand why Tristan should be given a chance to prove himself. 😉


(Hindi halatang siya ang bias ko hahaha)


Joao is the fifth member of the Boyband PH. He might also be the weakest in vocals but damn this guy knows how to play the crowd and make the girls scream like crazy everytime he steps onstage in his ripped jeans. SUPER ripped jeans, to be exact! 😂
He was raised and lives in Macau and he is known to be a party person that’s why he’s dubbed as the “Party Prince of Macau” in PBS. His bad boy look and image is also completed by that lip ring he has and which he plays with every time he bites his lip (WHICH IS SUPER HAWT LMAO)! What also make a Joao Constancia a Joao Constancia, aside from those lip ring and ripped jeans are his hair style/cut and the handky you could find lying from the back pouch of his jeans. Joao has this charisma that would make the girls swoon. He might also not be as good as Russell and Neil and Ford in singing but he is a great dancer. I think he’s the best dancer in the group. A chic magnet. If Russell and Niel are said to be the voices of the boyband, Joao is definitely the face!

These guys are promising. This boy group is promising. Lez support BPH and OPM!!! 




That (BIRTHDAY) Kiss Though 😍


The Kiss That Shook Our Entire House (LMAO)

The entire birthday celebration of Maine at Eat Bulaga was great but what really got me screaming was that unexpected kiss on the lips. Seriously! You won’t kiss a girl on the lips just like that if you two don’t have something! You won’t feel that comfortable fixing the girl’s bra strap if there’s really nothing going on between you two. Isama mo pa yung mysterious “E” gift ni Alden (or should I say RJ?) at yung kinanta niyang “Mirror” for Maine. What happened today really intrigued me and let me wanna believe that these two already have something REAL. Anyhow,  may it be reel or real, i don’t care anymore. Basta ang alam ko kinilig ako. 😊😊😊



My Latest Fantasy (LOL)

Presenting Kyle of LOL and Romeo of Romeo and Juliet, DOUGLAS BOOTH, ladies and gents! 😍😍😍

How can this guy be such a hottie and a cutie at the same time? Gahd! I love him already. Haha! Have watched LOL last night where he plays the role of Kyle (Miley Cyrus aka Lola’s leading man) and then i remembered that he’s that same guy who played the role of Romeo in the latest adaptation of the classical Shakespeare novel, Romeo and Juliet.