First and foremost, before I start my entry about this Thought Catalog thingy, lemme greet my Joao first a Happy Birthday! Yay! Ang fangirl, kainis. Wala e siya nalang talaga nagpapakilig sa akin ngayon. Lmao!ย ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


So, let’s start thought cataloging! Ano raw?! Haha.
I am just so happy today because i found a very wonderful site and blog. A friend shared an article on Facebook that’s why I got the chance to discover and know this blog entitled, “Thought Catalog.” There are just so many good reads in the site that’s why I chose some interesting articles and printed them! I am so excited to read them all!ย ๐Ÿ˜Š




Pampered Self

It is Saturday but I went to the library this morning to look for articles and references for my final paper requirement in my Tourism class. After acads tho, I went to SM to get my allowance and I started pampering myself again. Haha!

My original plan was to stroll around SM but there were just too many people I can’t stand roaming around such crowded place so I’ve decided to go to Porta Vaga instead. Before going there though, I bought my fave Beef Pita Doner from Turks in SM first and went to Infinitea next to buy a drink, Green Tea frappe, another fave. I stayed at Infinitea for a couple of minutes. This again is another achievement unlocked. The “Have a coffee (preferably frappe) at a cafe/coffee shop alone” on my Life’s Bucket List is now checked! Yey!


Faves forever! #BeefPitaDoner #Turks #GreenTea #Matcha #GreenTeaFrappe #frappe

After having my doner and frappe, I finally went to Porta Vaga and roamed around which got and led me to buying books! I bought Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus’ The Nanny Diaries and PS. I Loathe You by Lissi Harrison for the upcoming holidays. Also, I had the chance to find and grab two of High School Musical’s Stories From East High books #8 (Get Your Vote On) and #9 (Ringin’ It In) from BookSale to add up on my collection.ย As of now, what’s left missing in my collection is that book #7 (with Troy, Gabriella, and Sharpay on the book cover, I guess). ย I then went to Laser to buy Christmas wrappers that I’d use for the gifts and donations that i was tasked to wrap for the Econ Soc’s outreach program on the 5th.

While wrapping the gifts tonight, my housemates have asked and persuaded me to join them and watch the final showing of Moana in the cinemas. They are very persistent that I had no choice but to join them. The movie was fun. It’s a feel good movie! Can’t stop myself from chanting this line from the movie, “Moana! Moana! You’re so amazing!”ย ๐Ÿ˜‚


Movie night with the “Bahay-ni-Uncle” Squad (L-R): Rose – ate Dona – Me – Chezka – Chu – Gabe (credits to Chezka for this photo)

Two consecutive days of unstoppable fun and procrastination. Tomorrow, I need to pull my shts together and start dealing with acads again!ย โœŒ

A Two-Day Escape with Colleen Hoover

I wasn’t in the mood this whole weekend while at home. I was PMS-ing! I get easily pissed and irritated that’s why I just stayed and lay down on my bed.

When everyone and everything seems to piss you off, believe me, a good book’s the best way to escape. Thanks to my bloc mate, Manuel, for recommending me Colleen Hoover’s books so many times. He’s straight by the way. Lol. And to Aira for proving him right. Aira’s not ย really ย a bookworm that’s why when she told me that she read Colleen Hoover’s novels and found them good, i decided to read them as well. As in ASAP. So after two days, i’m done reading her Ugly Love and Confess.

UGLY LOVE. You can’t put the bookย down ’cause you’ll have that feeling of always wanting to know what will happen next.

CONFESS. The plot twist at the end part of the book definitely got me! Colleen wrote it smartly. Very smart!

After Meg Cabot, I think I found my next fave author! It’s been awhile. Looking forward of readingย more of her novels. Maybe this Christmas break. Hihiย ๐Ÿ“–ย ๐Ÿ’—

PS. I’ll try to have a separate blog post for the reviews of these two novels when i got the time and mood! Haha.