Pampered Self

It is Saturday but I went to the library this morning to look for articles and references for my final paper requirement in my Tourism class. After acads tho, I went to SM to get my allowance and I started pampering myself again. Haha!

My original plan was to stroll around SM but there were just too many people I can’t stand roaming around such crowded place so I’ve decided to go to Porta Vaga instead. Before going there though, I bought my fave Beef Pita Doner from Turks in SM first and went to Infinitea next to buy a drink, Green Tea frappe, another fave. I stayed at Infinitea for a couple of minutes. This again is another achievement unlocked. The “Have a coffee (preferably frappe) at a cafe/coffee shop alone” on my Life’s Bucket List is now checked! Yey!


Faves forever! #BeefPitaDoner #Turks #GreenTea #Matcha #GreenTeaFrappe #frappe

After having my doner and frappe, I finally went to Porta Vaga and roamed around which got and led me to buying books! I bought Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus’ The Nanny Diaries and PS. I Loathe You by Lissi Harrison for the upcoming holidays. Also, I had the chance to find and grab two of High School Musical’s Stories From East High books #8 (Get Your Vote On) and #9 (Ringin’ It In) from BookSale to add up on my collection. As of now, what’s left missing in my collection is that book #7 (with Troy, Gabriella, and Sharpay on the book cover, I guess).  I then went to Laser to buy Christmas wrappers that I’d use for the gifts and donations that i was tasked to wrap for the Econ Soc’s outreach program on the 5th.

While wrapping the gifts tonight, my housemates have asked and persuaded me to join them and watch the final showing of Moana in the cinemas. They are very persistent that I had no choice but to join them. The movie was fun. It’s a feel good movie! Can’t stop myself from chanting this line from the movie, “Moana! Moana! You’re so amazing!” 😂


Movie night with the “Bahay-ni-Uncle” Squad (L-R): Rose – ate Dona – Me – Chezka – Chu – Gabe (credits to Chezka for this photo)

Two consecutive days of unstoppable fun and procrastination. Tomorrow, I need to pull my shts together and start dealing with acads again! ✌


First #PiliPinasDebates2016



L-R : VP Jejomar Binay – Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago – Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte – Sen. Grace Poe – (Former) DILG Sec. Mar Roxas (credits to @gmanews for this photo)


Overall, the debate was “bitin.” For me, it lacked intensity. Also, the supposed to be “rebuttals” were not pulled off very well because most of the Presidentiables if not all, focused on building up themselves.

Next, let me rank these five based on how they “performed” in the debate:

  1. Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago
    Yes, I must admit that today, she didn’t meet my expectations. I expected too much. Is it just me or she was really nervous?  I mean, yes it should not be a big deal but I was just surprised. I am not used of seeing her stutter and all.  I want the more intense and vigorous MDS! But still, as usual, she did great. She knows what she was saying. She’s very critical and concrete both in giving answers and in throwing questions to her opponents. THAT’S WHAT MATTERS.

    Every statement that she made has an impact. She did great on her opening speech talking about why we are poor. She said that it’s because of the fact that many people want the money of the government in their pockets! One of my favorite statements from her is when she was questioned about why she’s still in the race despite her stage four lung cancer! Burn guys, buuuurn!!


    I also like how realistic this woman could get. While everyone is idealistic and did nothing but to give tons of promises, here she is asking the hows of things instead of just asking what to do. Throughout the debate, she was asking her opponents on where they’ll get the money to implement the programs and projects that they were proposing but nobody didn’t give a damn answer! Palibhasa puro sila pangako! You better get real people! She started great and ended with a bang. She gave a three criteria that our next President should meet: someone who has academic excellence, professional excellence, and moral excellence. And when asked on who among these five is the most intelligent, concrete, and eloquent one? I’d say that it’s a no-brainer MDS!

  2. Sen. Grace Poe
    Let’s be honest. Grace Poe really nailed this debate. Personally speaking, I didn’t see this one coming. She surprised me on how she presented herself to the public awhile ago. It’s obvious that she prepared for this. It was a “well-researched” Poe who faced us.She was undeniably good up there. She knows every issue. She was confident in delivering her speeches and arguments. She was impressive. Her consistency was impressive.

    I liked it on how she argued that not just because she has the thinnest resume among them all, and not because she was the youngest (among them) in public service, means that she can’t do anything to solve the problems of the country. Hindi raw siya magpapabola. I agree to her when she said that, “Kahit naman yung mga matagal na sa serbisyo hindi pa rin nasosolusyunan ang mga problema. So wala talaga ‘yan sa tagal ng panunungkulan. (NV).”

    Her proposed free lunch for all public schools though was quite problematic. NO, IT REALLY IS PROBLEMATIC. Ever heard of “Instead of giving them fish to eat, teach them how to teach,” madame? I think it’s better.

    “Gobyernong may puso.” That’s what her party’s advocating. So i was like, “Pero hindi naman kasi lahat nadadaan sa puso.” Though i was impressed with how she pulled the debate off, it doesn’t mean that she’s got my vote. 😊

  3. Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte
    As usual, what i like about him is that he has conviction. May paninidigan. I liked it how he started his opening speech, saying that Sen. Miriam is really the only one who’s qualified among them all. Ha ha. Very honest! Nothing’s new with Duterte awhile ago. Just like Poe, he is consistent. Since the very beginning (well, aside from his urong-sulong filing of candidacy), he is consistent and vocal on what are the things that he’ll do once elected as the President. Stopping corruption, criminality, drug trafficking, even the federalization of the government, it’s all given. Si Duterte yan e! One of the things that got my attention though was when he answered a question regarding his womanizing. According to him, well, “it’s biology.” Wala naman daw siyang asawa so anong gagawin niya sa buhay niya? (laughs). Vision-wise, he delivered them clearly. He also ended his speech very well and powerful. A very strong-willed leader-personality, indeed!
  4. (Former) DILG Secretary Mar Roxas
    He disappointed me. Bigtime. What he did back there? He can do better than that. He can do better than always making patama to his opponents. He can do better than always mentioning and ibida ang Daang Matuwid. Nakakasawa siyang pakinggan sa totoo lang. Without Miriam, he’s the one i’ll be rooting for next but after what he did and how he performed in the debate, i am already having second thoughts about him. YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT, MAR ROXAS. UMAYOS KA NGA! You’re ruining yourself. Natusta ka tuloy ni Digong.

    Duterte on Mar (bec he’s always talking about “Daang Matuwid”): “Wala nga akong makitang tuwid na dadaanan.” Burn, Mar! Buuurn! HA!

  5. Vice President Jejomar Binay
    Sunog. Tustado. Gustuhin ko mang maging unbiased, i just can’t because of this guy. He never failed on disappointing me, honestly. Throughout the debate, what i just understand on the things that he’s said were the words, “decisive” and “Makati City.” Puro siya ganyan. Wala na akong ibang naintindihan!

    Also, he was claiming that he was “laki sa hirap” but he has lots of “mana.” Really, Binay? When are you going to stop spreading lies? When are you going to stop fooling the people? And when are you going to stop including Makati on your speeches? Nakakaumay ha!

    Lastly, could you get your facts straight? Pahiya ka tuloy kay Miriam. Sinasama mo pa siya sa kababuyan at pagiging buwaya mo. She doesn’t support political dynasties, you greedy potato! In fact, she believes that the reason why the anti-political dynasty couldn’t be passed into law after all these years is because of self-interested people like you who are in the position and who hold the power! Boo!

PS. COMELEC’s second #PiliPinasDebates2016 will be held at Visayas on March 20. See you until then, then.


My Latest Fantasy (LOL)

Presenting Kyle of LOL and Romeo of Romeo and Juliet, DOUGLAS BOOTH, ladies and gents! 😍😍😍

How can this guy be such a hottie and a cutie at the same time? Gahd! I love him already. Haha! Have watched LOL last night where he plays the role of Kyle (Miley Cyrus aka Lola’s leading man) and then i remembered that he’s that same guy who played the role of Romeo in the latest adaptation of the classical Shakespeare novel, Romeo and Juliet.

A Snippet on “A Second Chance”

It has been a tiring night. But i had fun. As in real fun! I enjoyed the movie. A lot! After a long time, i felt satisfied again watching a local movie. Thanks to A Second Chance for making me believe that we could still produce “decent” local movies. Haha!

I am so tired so my movie review and the “detailed happenings” awhile ago with our photos are to follow. But just to provide a snippet of the movie, here’s a blatant reaction from me:


I laughed. I cried (Naluha lang. Pero ilang beses! Lol).  I wooh-ed (majority because of the jokes) and i ALMOST joined the rest of the people inside the cinema who clapped because of that scene between JL and Arcy Munoz (spoiler alert! haha)’ roles inside the car! In short, A JOB WELL DONE. A GREAT SEQUEL FOR A CLASSIC MOVIE LIKE ONE MORE CHANCE! 👍💗💗💗

Some of my fave scenes in the movie:

a. The Wedding. It looked like it was a true wedding. As in, real life wedding. It proved that there really is a chemistry between John Lloyd and Bea. Not that it isn’t obvious yet. I just got to appreciate the chemistry even more because of this scene at the beginning of the film. They seem so perfect together. Starting to ship them already! Hahaha.

b. The scene where Popoy and Basha had arguments because of their “trust issues.” That was when Basha found out that Popoy hid the real situation of the firm from her. So much hugot from that scene but the lines were too long i forgot them! Haha. Ti’s when Basha said something like, “gusto kitang iwan pero nangako ako blablabla.”

c. When Popoy lowered down his pride and agreed to stop his Project X because that’s what Basha asked.

d. That scene between Popoy and Arcy (i forgot her name in the movie lol)’s roles inside the car. Arcy’s role attempted to kiss Popoy but he refused. TELL YOU. THAT SCENE GOT THE CROWD. Most of the viewers clapped for Popoy! SHOCKS! (See the movie and you’ll know what i mean. Including that last caps-locked word above! 😉)

e. The scene after that scene above. That confrontation between Popoy and Basha. It was a heavy scene. They were crying and i was crying! Hahaha. It just hurts. And yes, i was affected! Haha. It’s just that i feel sorry for Popoy while he’s saying that he is a failure and he’s afraid that Basha would leave him again.

f. Last part. That wedding rehearsal scene. Sobrang nakakakilig! Nakakainis. Haha!

Some of the hugot lines i remembered:

While One More Chance be like,

“Poy, ako na lang. Ako na lang ulit.” -Basha

A Second Chance be like,

“O e di sige! Ikaw na! Ikaw na lang ulit! Ikaw na lahat!”
– Popoy

“You want me to trust you but you don’t trust me!” – Basha

“Bakit ba napakadali para sa’yo na makita ‘yung mga pagkakamali ko?” – Popoy

“Because you are making it so hard for me to see the best in you.” – Basha

“I am a failure.” – Popoy


Forget about the “WHAT IFs.” Instead, put your attention on the “WHAT IS.”

“You are my WHAT WAS, WHAT IS, and WHAT WILL BE.” – Basha