Another Well Spent Sea Fest 🌊🐳🐟🐙

Pista'y Dayat 2017

Ditching class was definitely worth it for this! 😂

One frustrating disadvantage of the academic calendar shift is that the semestral break doesn’t fall under summer season anymore. But guess what, that didn’t stop me from having my summer beach getaway with the fam this year.

After a couple of years, it is the first again that the family decided to go to the beach just like what the locals and tourists do here in town whenever this time of the year comes. Before, we used on doing this too but as time went by, for some reason, we stopped. Maybe because of the hot weather (it’s too much!) and that doing this beach getaway actually demands a lot of work. So when the family told me and my cousins that we could get to celebrate Pista’y Dayat at the beach this year, all of us got so excited! Last night they were all busy planning about today while I was busy coming up with something to convince my parents in letting me stay. 😅 I was supposed to go back to Baguio today since I have classes tomorrow but damn it’s just so hard to leave especially in a special day like this one. Thank God, I have my titos and titas to support me. They helped me in convincing the parentals to let me stay and ditch my first class tomorrow! Hooray! 😁

It has been such a great day! I enjoyed it a lot and I have missed beaching during Pista’y Dayat. We’ll gonna do this again next year, for sure. 💙

Here are some of the photos taken awhile ago:

We also tried boating. It was my first time and it felt like bliss when we reached that part very far from the shore. The water was blue-green!!!





Can’t Stop Falling in Love with Lingayen’s Beauty

I was too lazy the whole day and what only made me get out of the house is my craving for sightseeing. Ha! I wanna go out to roam around the beach and watch the sunset. And I’m tellin’ ya. I really love the photos that I’ve taken of my hometown. I keep on falling in love with Lingayen’s beauty.

Since it is this season for Pista’y Dayat, it is really EXTRA wonderful to visit the Capitol and the beachfront. In ordinary days, it is so beautiful to just chill here and have picnics but during Pista’y Dayat? It becomes more exciting because the ambiance is so festive.




The highlight for today at the beach are the Sandsculpting Competition and Volleybelles. Unfortunately, the moment Jessa and I arrived, the volleyball competition just ended so we didn’t have the chance to watch it. Check these sand sculptures though!

These views, however, aren’t irreplaceable. I couldn’t ask for more. I’d rather be here to witness these than to be somewhere else.


And the sunset was so wonderful. Sml! ❤



Post-Birthday Celebration

Clyde, Rosalie and Van have waited for me to arrive here at Pangasinan til 8PM today. Huhu! They knew that I am coming home so after clearing their clearances, they already went to the beach to wait for me. I couldn’t believe that they actually waited for me since 1pm today. That was insane and very touching! I got a bit late coming home because I still waited for Gino and we went home together. Upon arriving, I just put down and left my bags at home and asked Paps to bring me to Capitol beachfront to meet them. They surprised me with a cake and a gift (pens and a black journal). We then went to Mang Inasal at the town proper to eat dinner. We stayed there until it needed to already close. At around 9:30PM, we finished our halo-halo at the plaza. It was a very fun night. After one month, we had the chance to catch up again personally. It felt great. Nothing really beats celebrating your birthday with the people who really know you very well. I am thankful that I have these best friends in my life (plus Van who’s really a fun person to be with also). So much love. ❤

Twenty-First 🎈

I didn’t have birthday blues and i think that’s lit! 🔥 Oh the things that you do to me Gab! 😂 Birthday blues? I had tons of it before my day and I think that helped. I already consumed all of it before and nothing was left during the 28th. Haha! But I believe that what blocked those blues from coming to me were the people around me that special day so THANKS, EVERYONE! Love you all! ❤

I woke up earlier than usual and that was the best decision I’ve made that day. Haha! There’s just something about waking up early that could bring all those positive vibes ya know. I woke up early and cooked oatmeal for breakfast so even though the day has only started, I already felt productive and that made me happy and feel accomplished! Lol! I also decided not to ditch my classes that day because I realized how patapon would it be to start my new year missing my classes and all that stuff. That’s so irresponsible and I do not want to be that irresponsible and lazy arse throughout the year. Haha!

So I went to uni and attended my first class. It felt weird to walk on the hallway and bumped with the people I know but who doesn’t knew that I was celebrating my birthday that day. It didn’t offend me though. I mean, I felt that “awww he/she doesn’t know” feels but I didn’t really let them get into me badly. It even made me smile and laugh inside because I was imagining how would they feel once they knew about it. Lol!



During my first class, nobody greeted me since I don’t actually know majority of my classmates. They were juniors!!! I already expected that. I mean, i expected Gino to greet me but then he was absent so yeah. (Oh wait. I almost forgot that Mai greeted me! Hihi) I seated there for one and a half hours acting like it was just like those ordinary and boring days. Ma’am Lelet even started the class with a surprise quiz! Ang sayang pa-birthday! Haha! When I entered my next class, that’s when I started feeling the birthday feels. I saw a bouquet of pink roses on my desk courtesy of Justine. You never failed of amusing me and making me feel grateful of having you as a friend, bruh! I know that you’d be reading this so I want you to know how I appreciated the flowers. I didn’t expect anything from you but you surprised me knowing how I feeL so upset the days before so you made a way to cheer me up. Thank you so much. Love you! 



Mass at Baguio Cathedral, of course!

After that class, i’ve decided not to attend my last class for the day anymore since Jessa has already arrived. Plus, hindi kawalan yung class na yun. Sayang lang oras ko dun. Haha! Since Iris and Pia still have classes, it was only my housemates who ate the pancit and shanghai (courtesy of paps 😊) during lunch. Jessa and I left the house after to go to the Cathedral and roam around Session Road. At around 3pm, we went back to UP to fetch Pia and Iris and then they joined me at home. An hour or so, Manuel followed us after an interview that he just took. So they spent the rest of their afternoon eating and celebrating with me at home. It was just a simple celebration but it made me happy nonetheless.

I spent the rest of the day/night with Jessa. We went out again and roamed around. We ate at Geney’s Ramyeon House and went to Under the Tree Book Cafe to chill after. She surprised me with cupcakes and her gift. Without Jessa at Baguio that day, I really think that it wouldn’t be that great. For sure, Id feel so homesick and all. Thank God, she was there. Thank God He blessed me with a very supportive and loving sister that would really make an effort just to make me happy. Thank you for being the sister that I am so blessed of having, Jessa! I love you. 

Looking at how I spent the day, it was really pretty normal. It wasn’t that extravagant but I had a blast. It turned out better than I have expected that I don’t have any more reasons to complain. It was a blast because of all the appreciation and the greetings that I received. It felt so great to walk on the hallway with people greeting you a happy birthday. I’ve missed that. That’s definitely one of those things that I missed because I celebrated the past few birthdays before this year’s at home. I mean, it felt great receiving personal birthday greetings — not only greetings via phone calls and texts and Facebook or other social media sites. It felt great waking up and receiving calls and texts from my relatives and closest friends.  It felt great being remembered. It felt great that the people I was with in Baguio during that day made an effort and made time to make me feel special and join me in celebrating. It felt great that even though I was kilometers away from them, my friends from Pangasinan still remembered me and made me feel appreciated (Hi especially to le grade school friends! 😊).  It felt great that I have my family especially my parents and sibs (Tristan also made me very happy that day) who never failed of reminding me that they got my back and they love me. It felt great that just when I thought that I don’t have anything more to ask for that day, God has surprised me with another blessing. While roaming around SM that night, Iris called me to let me know that there was an invitation again from an international honor society — the first invite came from Phi Kappa Phi and this time, it was Pi Gamma Mu (anyways, i am planning on doing a separate post for these ones). It was a perfect birthday gift, indeed! The day ended so well and I slept with a smile on my face, feeling so overwhelmed of all the birthday greetings and messages that I had to reply before sleeping. THANK YOU FOR THE PAST TWO DECADES, PAPA GOD! THANK YOU FOR BLESSING ME WITH THESE WONDERFUL PEOPLE WHO MAKE THIS LIFE WORTH LIVING. 💖



“Like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.”

The whole clan spent the first day of 2017 very well! We spent the entire day at the beach eating, playing, singing, and exchanging gifts! It is indeed a happy new year to all of us. HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM OUR FAMILY [URBANO | Chan | Dela Cruz | Kahulugan | Velasco | Villafania] TO YOURS! 💋


Ending 2016 with the Grade School Squad


In this photo L-R: Lynmir – Mayvilyn – Jelyn – Jessa – Kent – Rayvin – Efraim – Jeruel – Austine – Marcus – Michael – Deejay BTS/Photographer friend: April 

When it comes to these people, any rush decision and plan is possible! 😁
It all started because of the unplanned gala a few of us had at plaza last night. The others got envious that when we said that next time we should be complete already, they planned of having  a get together and a reunion all of a sudden. After the messy and fully-loaded planning we had in the group chat which reached until 1am, we ended up with a lunch picnic at the beachfront. It is just amazing because the number of those who are present today wasn’t bad!

We just ate, took pictures, and shared a lot of intrigas and stories. We still bully and tease each other and shared a lot of jokes and laughters. It feels so good and surprising that after years, from being those timid and naughty grade schoolers, we could see in each of us that sense of maturity and responsibility. We don’t talk about just crushes and stuff. We talk about school, courses, and future plans yet in a funny way. I think being childish in a moment or so couldn’t be lost in any reunion like this one.

Photos While Waiting For The Others



That “kunwari candid” post LOL

Lunch Photos



Galit-galit daw muna ha ha



Pero napansin ko ang dami ko ring candid shots. Yung totoong candid. Hahaha! Totoo ba. Trip ata ako nung photographer. Charot. Joke. JOKE LANG TALAGA. NAGPAPATAWA LANG AKO. YUNG SARILI KO LANG DIN PERO NATAWA. HAHAHAHA! Hoy pero in all fairness, bet ko yung shots kaya ko nga nilagay dito lol 😉 😂













Dumating na si Congressman!!!





We didn’t really have enough time tho since it is the last day of the year and we still need to prepare for later’s celebration of New Year’s Eve. We have families waiting for us so at around 3pm, we have decided to go and get to our own families already to celebrate the rest of the day with them. It was a simple gathering but this is of those memories I’ll definitely treasure. Thank you guys for making the last day of this year memorable for me! We’ll end 2016 just right. Cheers to our friendship, and I am looking forward to more of this in the coming years! HAPPY NEW YEAR, LES VI-FL BATCH 2009! 😘🍷🎉

The Most Insane Carousel Ride of My Life 🎠

It was around 6pm already when our group chat in Messenger keeps on letting out that ting sound. Efraim was inviting and asking us to go to the plaza and try the rides there. I was hesitant at first since it’s eve already and having the strictest tito around doesn’t help at all. But since these people were really into this rush hang out, I asked my parent’s permission to let me and they did!

It was just me, Lynmir, Arly, and Efraim at first since Kent is nowhere to be found and we can’t contact him. When we called his phone, it was his mom who answered me! Lol. We thought that he was at the gym so we just PM-ed him at Messenger and told him to just follow once he read the message.

It was just the four of us then who tried the Ferris Wheel because we can’t afford to risk our lives in that Octopus ride there. 😂 The funny thing was Lynmir and Arly tricked me and Efraim. It was me and Efraim who rode the Ferris Wheel first then they followed. Minutes passed, we couldn’t find them anymore and that’s when we saw them outside the Ferris Wheel area laughing and taking a picture of us from below! When Efraim and I got off from the ride, they told us that they couldn’t risk their lives riding the Ferris Wheel so they get off after a turn or so. We then decided to go to Mang Inasal first to eat dinner while waiting for Kent since he responded and pm-ed me already that he’ll just shower (right guess! He really did come from the gym) and follow.

Just after we ate, Kent then arrived with his younger brother, Bryle, and their friend, Rownyl. We then went back to plaza. Since all of us are afraid of riding the Octopus ride and we don’t wanna try the Caterpillar, the only option left for us was the Carousel Ride. We were just laughing at first but we then decided to give it a shot and have fun! We are grade school friends after all. Grade schoolers will always be grade schoolers! We couldn’t stop laughing while we were at the ride. It was indeed the craziest and happiest carousel ride of my life! Thanks for that great experience, friends! 😄


Because of my decision to go out and join our other grade school friends who invited to have some fun at plaza tonight, I knew that Clyde and Rose will definitely get mad and disappointed but damn, I couldn’t care anymore because after tonight, I must say that twas a good decision since I had so much fun! Being with these people is always fun and unregretful. One more thing, I told them to wait and just hang out with our other grade school buddies but then, they didn’t wait. Not my fault anymore!  😊