What to Deal With This Sem Be Like

SoΒ classes have finally started and just got over with its first week yesterday. After the first meeting in each class, I sorta “contemplated” and enumerated some of the things that I gotta deal with and look forward to this coming four months.

Ontology of Social Science class. After the first meeting last Tuesday, what really concerned me was the seating arrangement. The squad isn’t in the class with me because they already took the class last sem plus, no bloc mates too aside from well, Lors. The majority of the class are junior students so I knew then that I was in trouble most especially because the only available seat when I arrived (suits me right for being late the first day! Lol) was between Norvy and Kuya Richard. And believe me, any talkative person like me wouldn’t want to sit between these two guys! Ha ha! I could even remember what I told my friends and housemates the night of that same day. I kept on telling them that I hate that seating arrangement and I don’t think I could survive the next four months or so seating between those two. Mapapanis ang laway ko bes! πŸ˜… That is why during the next meeting, last Thursday, I already sat beside Gino.

Epistemology of Social Science class. I think I am gonna love and sort of hate this class at the same time. I am gonna love it obvi because of Doc J! Damn who wouldn’t love being in his class? Whenever I am in his class, I feel like I am in one of those classes I usually and only watch in movies. Lol! He’s such a genius that though it’s gonna be hard and nerve cracking the entire sem, I know it’ll be worth taking it still. I really looked forward attending one of his classes so I think it’s a good thing that before I leave uni, i got the chance to. The problem though is that I know that I gotta strive hard to pass this course. Haha! Damn, that moment he handed us our syllabus, me and my friends couldn’t stop looking at each other, exchanging glances. Syllabus at course outline palang nosebleed at pamatay na, how much more yung readings at classes, di ba?! Ito pa, according to Doc J, if we thought reading Anthony Giddens is hard, then we’re wrong. Kung sa listahan niya, pinakamadaling intindihin s Giddens, kamusta naman yung iba? Kamusta naman si Ricouer?! This class will definitely drive me crazy and I know it! Another thing that I gotta deal with is me being stunned every time he talks. Legit na napapatunganga ako tuwing nagsasalita siya. When he does his lecture, I don’t do anything but stare at him. I can’t stop it I always forget that I have to jot down notes. Haha! I love how he says those Greek and Latin words. The words theoria, knomos, and episteme keep on ringing in my head since day one, i cannot! πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

Natural Science class. I love science since the day I knew about its existence but aside from the lessons that we’re gonna take up in this class, another thing that I really (and still) look forward to are my classmates. Poging classmate to be exact! Hahaha! Since this class is a GE, then there is this big possibility that I’ll see and meet new faces from the other colleges. That’s why Iwaited Β for the class (Lol ang harot!). But I guess the time isn’t right yet for me, Pia and Iris to boy hunt (ano raw?! haha). Aside from dogsinupb.wordpress.com, I don’t know anything else yet about the class and the prof. I don’t even know if the prof is a he or a she! Damn. He/She didn’t meet us yet this week since he/she is in Cebu for a conference so he/she just asked us to go and visit his/her blog. Last Thursday though, we had the chance to meet and know some of our classmates for the supposed to be second meeting and we (Iris, Pia and I) can’t stop ourselves feeling a bit disappointed because there’s no one who caught our attention. We were surprised too that there’s just a few of us in the class. We expected it to be a big class. What we can just do as of now is to wait and hope that the “cute” guys were absent last Thursday and we’ll see them when the class actually starts next Tuesday. Can’t wait! Hihi. (DISCLAIMER: This is nothing serious. Pangkatuwaan lang yang paghahanap ng poging classmate para hindi boring yung class. Yung class hours kasi 1:30-3:00, nakakaantok! Lol).

PE (Frisbee) class. I don’t know what to expect or look forward to because honestly, i never get excited talking about PE. And also, until now i am still hesitant and am still questioning myself for enlisting FRISBEE FOR PE! Damn what I was even thinking?! Hadn’t have the chance to meet my classmates and prof just yet because there were no classes last Wednesday in Baguio for the Miss Universe candidates’ parade in the city. Hindi talaga ako nae-excite mag-PE! Sinong ma-e-excite gumising ng 7am aber? Worse, sinong ma-e-excite mag PE uniform every 7am in this kind of Baguio weather?! Tell meeeee!!!Β  Damn, i hope i could find something fun to enjoy this class this sem. Haha!

International Relations class. I know since this sem started that this is going to be my fave class this sem because obvi, aside from it is a Political Science class, it’s Ma’am Mai, one of my all-time faves, who’s teaching it! That’s why instead of getting bored and all that about school on Fridays, and instead of feeling lazy since it is the only class I have to take every Friday, I feel super excited and happy about it! Pol Sci is life! ❀

First week is over but to be honest, I haven’t set my mood and mindset for the fact that it’s already the time to get back to school just yet. It is so hard to let vacation goooo! But since I promised myself that I’ll put my shits together this weekend and try and DO my very best to pull my game face out once i get back to Baguio on Monday, then I’ll try. I’ll do that. Game on! πŸ˜‰


Inch by inch we’re moving closer… vacay

The first thing I did the moment I woke up was to finish my last paper requirement for the sem. I finished writing my paper in my Political Philo class about Duterte being a Machiavellian (will surely post my paper here later on). After submitting it to Sir Ali through mail, I then started packing up my things because I am already going home tomorrow!!! Yeepee!

After packing and organizing my stuff, I then started to prepare because Iris and I would meet to buy some bubble wrap and Christmas wrapper for our graduation photos. We actually thought of giving them as Christmas presents to our parents. 😊


Christmas present for the parentals

We roamed around Session Road and ate luch at McDo then decided to go home first to wrap the photos before going to school for Pasik.

I went to school at around 4pm because iris already texted me. When I arrived and went to CSS to meet the squad, another good news was actually waiting for me! Our thesis’ already bound!!!


Thesis Bound!!! #RoadToSablay2017


Iris – Justine – Me

We took some photos first before going to the parking lot for the lantern parade.

Since this years’ Pasiklaban’s gonna be my last Pasik as a UP student *cross fingers to this* I really waited and looked forward to it.

Pasiklaban is annual celebration of the entire UP Baguio community every December. It is like a Christmas party celebration and a sem-ender party for all UPB students. It is also during Pasik that the students get the chance to watch their fave professors perform as each college needs to prepare a presentation for the program.

The program usually starts through a lantern parade. The students march along Session and Harrison Road chanting. This year, I have decided to join the squad in the EconSoc during the parade since I was with the Subolites the previous year.

After the parade, we proceeded to the Oblation Grounds for the program proper. Some of the highlights of the program include APO’s Oblation Run, the dacing glowng sticks (hehe), the intermission numbers coming from the performing orgs like TABAK, UPB Dance Troupe (which I should say wasΒ superb that I didn’t actually expect it to be that beautiful) and of course, Shadows. The UPB ObraΒ also prepared a something for the event. And as what everyone’s expecting and looking forward to every Pasik, the instructors and professors from every college didn’t also fail us! Everyone’s performance and presentation were unforgettable and very entertaining. TEAM CSS SUPREME PA RIN PERO!!! #Biased haha! For every college’s performance, kindly check these links out: College of the Social Sciences and the Institute ManagementΒ College of ScienceΒ (i can’t find CAC’s huhu). And of course, one of my all-time faves during Pasiklaban, the fireworks display!


Finally, it’s December!

Compared to past few years, I welcomed December today with a heavy heart. Not because I am not happy and excited but because of Finals week and the bunch of academic requirements and deadlines that I need to meet and accomplish. November ended so heavily and here comes December bombarding me with lots of report and paper deadlines AND THESIS!!! And also, not mentioning, I took my last exam for this sem today.

It was bittersweet starting this month with my final exam in the hardest course I have this semester, Econometrics (it could’ve been easier if i am only diligent in reading the assigned readings and lessons but no lol).


Ang hirap mong mahalin at ipaglaban pero alam kong worth it naman kaya kakayanin ko hanggang sa huli #UP Β #UPHugot #nuxΒ 



Justine and I went to Wangal today to see one of the main festivals of Benguet which is the Adivay Festival. It is its last day today and we really allotted our afternoon in visiting the fest for our third and last paper requirement in our Tourism class (Social Science 198). We were to choose one of the towns and municipalities of Benguet and discuss their food production and security there (which I’ve decided to have a separate post of).

It was a more or less 30 minute jeepney ride. The moment we arrived at the place, we started roaming around to check each one of the municipalities’ booth. It was a great experience. The ambiance is very native-ish and rural-istic (any word that’s synonymous to these applies. You know what I mean lol). We barely saw foreigners because of the people visiting the fest were mostly locals.

After looking at all the booths, we decided to do the municipality of Itogon. To be honest, what really attracted and got us chose it was it’s very attractive landscape which won 2nd best after La Trinidad’s. We started our mini research and interviewed one of the fruit and vegetable vendors in the booth. We asked her the questions we personally prepared that we thought would help us write our individual papers. The interview went smoothly and we finished it in just a matter of minutes, 10 to 20 minutes or so.

The following are just some of the booths i’d had the chance of taking a picture of:dsc08182dsc08183dsc08184dsc08185dsc08186dsc08188dsc08191dsc08192dsc08198

After the interview, Justine and I have decided to see next the Trade Fair in the other part of the place. We roamed around to check the stuff being sold there. It was like a tiangge actually. There are lots of books in sale and a lot of food stalls. As the person we are, twa’s a given that we won’t really leave the place without buying and eating anything so we bought food and drinks. Justine first bought a sweet corn and since I don’t like sweet corns that much, I bought Vigan’s empanada instead.

When we bought our own foods already, we then went and joined that little crowd watching those random people who wanted to sing onstage. What was funny was that the moment we arrived there there was this guy who went on stage and sang Born For You. Like seriously! Of all the songs he could sing why did he choose that song! Nekekeenes. Haha! Justine just laughed and loudly sang the lyrics too.

After we finished our sweet corn and empanada, we went next to the stall of Master Siomai and ordered siomai and gulaman. Yasss we’re hungry why not. Haha. We went back to Baguio after because we still have a General Assembly in Econ Soc to attend to.


Because… Econ Major

So this was what made me busy the whole weekend. For two days, i was pre-occupied of my paper on my International Economics (Econ 141) course. Due’s still on December 3 but i need to do it ahead of time because there are still a lot of school requirements that i need to attend to. Finally, i finished it tonight. And I must say, today’s the most productive day I’ve ever had the entire semester! Hahaha!Β πŸ˜‚ Way to go, Hell week! I am so ready for you! Needa get over with you ASAP because Christmas break’s waiting for me!Β πŸ˜‰Β πŸŽ…Β πŸŽ„