Another Well Spent Sea Fest 🌊🐳🐟🐙

Pista'y Dayat 2017

Ditching class was definitely worth it for this! 😂

One frustrating disadvantage of the academic calendar shift is that the semestral break doesn’t fall under summer season anymore. But guess what, that didn’t stop me from having my summer beach getaway with the fam this year.

After a couple of years, it is the first again that the family decided to go to the beach just like what the locals and tourists do here in town whenever this time of the year comes. Before, we used on doing this too but as time went by, for some reason, we stopped. Maybe because of the hot weather (it’s too much!) and that doing this beach getaway actually demands a lot of work. So when the family told me and my cousins that we could get to celebrate Pista’y Dayat at the beach this year, all of us got so excited! Last night they were all busy planning about today while I was busy coming up with something to convince my parents in letting me stay. 😅 I was supposed to go back to Baguio today since I have classes tomorrow but damn it’s just so hard to leave especially in a special day like this one. Thank God, I have my titos and titas to support me. They helped me in convincing the parentals to let me stay and ditch my first class tomorrow! Hooray! 😁

It has been such a great day! I enjoyed it a lot and I have missed beaching during Pista’y Dayat. We’ll gonna do this again next year, for sure. 💙

Here are some of the photos taken awhile ago:

We also tried boating. It was my first time and it felt like bliss when we reached that part very far from the shore. The water was blue-green!!!





Can’t Stop Falling in Love with Lingayen’s Beauty

I was too lazy the whole day and what only made me get out of the house is my craving for sightseeing. Ha! I wanna go out to roam around the beach and watch the sunset. And I’m tellin’ ya. I really love the photos that I’ve taken of my hometown. I keep on falling in love with Lingayen’s beauty.

Since it is this season for Pista’y Dayat, it is really EXTRA wonderful to visit the Capitol and the beachfront. In ordinary days, it is so beautiful to just chill here and have picnics but during Pista’y Dayat? It becomes more exciting because the ambiance is so festive.




The highlight for today at the beach are the Sandsculpting Competition and Volleybelles. Unfortunately, the moment Jessa and I arrived, the volleyball competition just ended so we didn’t have the chance to watch it. Check these sand sculptures though!

These views, however, aren’t irreplaceable. I couldn’t ask for more. I’d rather be here to witness these than to be somewhere else.


And the sunset was so wonderful. Sml! ❤