Can’t Stop Falling in Love with Lingayen’s Beauty

I was too lazy the whole day and what only made me get out of the house is my craving for sightseeing. Ha! I wanna go out to roam around the beach and watch the sunset. And I’m tellin’ ya. I really love the photos that I’ve taken of my hometown. I keep on falling in love with Lingayen’s beauty.

Since it is this season for Pista’y Dayat, it is really EXTRA wonderful to visit the Capitol and the beachfront. In ordinary days, it is so beautiful to just chill here and have picnics but during Pista’y Dayat? It becomes more exciting because the ambiance is so festive.




The highlight for today at the beach are the Sandsculpting Competition and Volleybelles. Unfortunately, the moment Jessa and I arrived, the volleyball competition just ended so we didn’t have the chance to watch it. Check these sand sculptures though!

These views, however, aren’t irreplaceable. I couldn’t ask for more. I’d rather be here to witness these than to be somewhere else.


And the sunset was so wonderful. Sml! ❤




Ending 2016 with the Grade School Squad


In this photo L-R: Lynmir – Mayvilyn – Jelyn – Jessa – Kent – Rayvin – Efraim – Jeruel – Austine – Marcus – Michael – Deejay BTS/Photographer friend: April 

When it comes to these people, any rush decision and plan is possible! 😁
It all started because of the unplanned gala a few of us had at plaza last night. The others got envious that when we said that next time we should be complete already, they planned of having  a get together and a reunion all of a sudden. After the messy and fully-loaded planning we had in the group chat which reached until 1am, we ended up with a lunch picnic at the beachfront. It is just amazing because the number of those who are present today wasn’t bad!

We just ate, took pictures, and shared a lot of intrigas and stories. We still bully and tease each other and shared a lot of jokes and laughters. It feels so good and surprising that after years, from being those timid and naughty grade schoolers, we could see in each of us that sense of maturity and responsibility. We don’t talk about just crushes and stuff. We talk about school, courses, and future plans yet in a funny way. I think being childish in a moment or so couldn’t be lost in any reunion like this one.

Photos While Waiting For The Others



That “kunwari candid” post LOL

Lunch Photos



Galit-galit daw muna ha ha



Pero napansin ko ang dami ko ring candid shots. Yung totoong candid. Hahaha! Totoo ba. Trip ata ako nung photographer. Charot. Joke. JOKE LANG TALAGA. NAGPAPATAWA LANG AKO. YUNG SARILI KO LANG DIN PERO NATAWA. HAHAHAHA! Hoy pero in all fairness, bet ko yung shots kaya ko nga nilagay dito lol 😉 😂













Dumating na si Congressman!!!





We didn’t really have enough time tho since it is the last day of the year and we still need to prepare for later’s celebration of New Year’s Eve. We have families waiting for us so at around 3pm, we have decided to go and get to our own families already to celebrate the rest of the day with them. It was a simple gathering but this is of those memories I’ll definitely treasure. Thank you guys for making the last day of this year memorable for me! We’ll end 2016 just right. Cheers to our friendship, and I am looking forward to more of this in the coming years! HAPPY NEW YEAR, LES VI-FL BATCH 2009! 😘🍷🎉

Best Pals in Ages (and Counting)

This post was supposed to be published last night (as a substitution to my Sunday Currently entry) but I was so tired  and I got lazy the time I got home so I ended up posting it today instead.

Yesterday was epic! His text message, wishing me a “happy weekend,” was great enough to start my day well. As in, there was this smile painted on my face! Plus, it was his birthday too so it was really a day for celebration! Chos. Haha!

That giddy feeling did not lost longer though since I’ve heard a news from Jessa regarding the past. I mean, WTH?! I am so happy with my life now then that issue from the past keeps on haunting me. I resolved it instantly naman and the rest is history. Basta napaka-mixed ng emotions. Naghalo-halo lahat nakakastress na hindi ko maintindihan. Good thing’s that me and the friends already have this set date for later. That’s a very good way of unleashing all the bad ad negative vibes and getting back my happy hormones and good vibes, I thought.

Our plan got delayed a little bit because the friends finished their exams later than expected. We ended up meeting at Antonino’s Cafe at passed five PM. Mag-sisix PM na ata nun. As usual, ako ulit ang hinintay lagi namang ganun. Laging ako ang late. Sorry na! Haha ✌

Sa Redbucks sana kami para ma-try sana namin kaso hindi raw pala masarap dun. Hahaha! So there. I met with them at Antonino’s. We ordered frappes and nachos. As usual, wala naman kaming ibang ginawa kung hindi magkwentuhan. Lagi lang naman kaming ganun pag lumalabas — lamon at chikahan. Haha!


Frappuccinos and Nachos at Antonino’s Cafe

Every time I am here in Pangasinan, as much as possible, we always meet. Despite our very busy schedules, we find time. We make sure to get updated to each one’s life. Lalo pa’t ako lang ang napalayo sa amin since I am attending college in Baguio.

Though it looks like the usual meet ups that we usually have, that meet up last night was different. Very different. It was different in a way that things have changed and each one of us has our own “big” issues now (tho I think yung sa akin hindi naman gaanong kalaki kumpara sa kanila. See recent post before this. Yun lang naman yun. Lol).I mean, yung issues at mga problemang makakapagpatunay sa’yo na “Oo nga. Tumatanda na kami.” We have our own “medj pa-mature” and grown-up problems. Yung chikahan namin hindi na yung usual na chismisan at puro lablayp ang inuusisa. This time, I think, each of us has grown in his/her own way. THIS DATE NIGHT IS ONE FOR THE BOOKS. Because behind those happy faces and wacky pose are revelations, problems, trust, support, and a stronger bond in our friendship.

Also, that night, I finally met Van. Finally! Matapos ang ilang ulit na pagkakaudlot, nagkita at nagkakilala na rin kami sa wakas! Haha!
Nagpunta muna kami ng town proper after para bumili ng balut. Ewan ko ba kung sino may idea niyan. Kakakain lang tapos naghanap ng balut. LOL! We then went to Capitol/Lingayen Beach Front. Wala lang, tambay lang ulit. Haha!

Nagulat nga kami kasi sobrang dami ng tao doon kagabi. Madaming nagpipicnic. Long weekend kasi kaya siguro panay ang family outings ng mga tao. 😊


Panay lang kami kwentuhan at asaran nun. Tapos mga bandang passed 8 PM, we already decided to go home since from San Carlos pa si Van at tinawagan na rin ako ni Papa na nakita pala yung Facebook ko. Panay nanaman ang asar sa akin kay Clyde. Hay naku talaga ‘tong tatay ko. Hindi makalimot-limot. Hahaha!

So basically, ganyan ko lang naman inispend ang araw ko. I just met with those them and everything fine. I became okay again. Masaya na ulit ako just like what and how he wanted me to be. Indeed, I had a HAPPY WEEKEND!

As for these two (Clyde and Rose), nasabi ko na yung mga gusto kong sabihin sa inyo. I am so grateful of having you in my life. Ang dami nang nangyari and you are still there. You never left me. You never failed me. You are always there to support me and make me feel that I am worthy. Kayo yung nagpatunay talaga sa akin na ang pakikipagkaibigan, wala yan sa quantity. Friendship is not about the number of friends that you have. It’s on the quality of the friendship that you have with people. Ngayon, masasabi ko talaga na kahit anong mangyari at kung papipiliin ako, kayo at kayo pa rin ang pipiliin kong maging kaibigan kahit sa second life ko. I canot imagine my life without you. You showed me a life worth living not just because of my family. Life is worth living most especially when you have other people aside from your family to share it with. Gahd, I feel so blessed! Thank you, Papa God!

Now that you are both up for some life changing events, I assure you that I’ll be on your side. You are now up for your on battles and I am going to support you all the way no matter what. Don’t worry, everything will be fine. As long as we have each other’s backs, and God’s guidance of course, everything will be fine. I love you both so much, you know that. Let’s continue making memories. Let us continue counting for more years of friendship with each other! 💋


My IG post during our date night

PS. For someone I know: “Hey! I enjoyed my weekend! I hope you enjoyed it too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (yesterday)!”