A Glimpse of Hope in Pangasinan’s Pistay Dayat Festival

Since Lingayen, my hometown, is celebrating Pistay Dayat today, I think it also the right time to publish here the paper that I wrote last semester in my Tourism class. So here it goes…

To understand and analyze whether the celebration and preparations for the Pistay Dayat Festival in Pangasinan emanates sustainable tourism development, Zhenhua Liu (2003)’s perspective on Sustainable Tourism Development is to be used in this paper for discussion.

Liu (2003) on Sustainable Tourism Development

In his work entitled, “Sustainable Tourism Development: A Critique,” Liu (2003) made use of the World Tourism Organisation (2001)’s definition of sustainable tourism development as a basis for discussion:

Sustainable tourism development meets the needs of the present tourists and host regions while protecting and enhancing opportunities for the future. It is envisaged as leading to management of all resources in such a way that economic, social and aesthetic needs can be fulfilled while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biological diversity and life support systems (Liu 2003: 460).

In addition, Liu (2003:460) mentioned what Cater (1993) pointed out as the three main objectives of sustainable tourism: meeting the needs of the host population in terms of improved living standards both in the short and long term; satisfying the demands of a growing number of tourists; and safeguarding the natural environment.

Lastly, Liu (2003:472) pointed out four critical and important issues to consider for further research on sustainable tourism development: a balanced view on sustainability (we are not to limit growth but to manage it for the benefit of everyone); the development of practically feasible policies and measures; the use of a systems perspective (to understand the characteristics and change patterns of tourism and its dynamic interaction with the natural, technological, social and economic environment); and the adaptation of interdisciplinary approach.

 Lingayen’s Pistay Dayat Festival    

Looking forward to a more prosperous tourism industry, the provincial government’s efforts could be seen in the conduct of the Pistay Dayat (Sea Festival) which is being celebrated annually in the capital of the province, Lingayen. In an article published by the Philippine Daily Inquirer (2013), Provincial administrator Rafael Baraan said that Pistay Dayat started as a simple thanksgiving celebration of the local fishing community for the Lingayen Gulf’s abundance, “Fishing is one of the major livelihood activities of the people in our province. That is why the festivity is centered along the shorelines and it coincides with the Labor Day celebration on May 1.” Moreover, Kheem Caparas (2012) posted in his blog that:

According to Dagupan City’s official website, Pista’y Dayat actually started in small fishing towns of Lingayen and Alaminos in the 1960s, gradually growing in size as these towns started to trade with each other. It was during the term of former Dagupan City Mayor Cipriano Manaois in 1968 when formal activities for Pista’y Dayat were first held. It was also during this period that the title Pista’y Dayat was officially coined.

As years pass by, it could be seen that the celebration of the said festival becomes bigger and bigger  showing the implications of the tourism development program of the province that has been launched when former Governor Amado T. Espino, Jr. started office last 2008 (Philippine Information Agency 2009). Different events are being conducted throughout the two-week-long celebration:

What used to be just a simple celebration which serves as thanksgiving for the bounty of fish harvest in coastal villages in Pangasinan, Pistay Dayat merriment has evolved through the years as a ‘sight to behold,’ featuring a wide-array of activities and events that draw a big crowd of people from all over the Philippines visiting Pangasinan this summer…Last year, Pistay Dayat was hailed by the Department of Tourism and the Association of Tourism Officers in the Philippines (ATOP) as first runner-up in the coveted Pearl awards (best tourism event – festival category). As a Pearl awardee, the provincial government has been recognized for its stellar contributions in making the Pistay Dayat a boost to the province’s tourism sector (Oblanca, 2016).

Tourism Supply and Demand in the Pistay Dayat Festival

According to Cardinoza (2013) of the Philippine News Inquirer, in the last two years, Pangasinan has become the leading tourist destination in the Ilocos region and Pistay Dayat, according to Gov. Espino Jr., has been one of the events that attracted the tourists to the province.

Zhenhua Liu (2003: 462) said in his work that “[t]ourism development is both supply-led and demand-led. The provision of tourist facilitates and services may arise as a response to growing demand or aim to stimulate demand.” This could be true in the case of the previous local administration who saw the promising tourism industry in Pangasinan that it launched its integrated tourism development program. Through the years, the transformations in the Capitol Compound and Lingayen Beachfront where the festival takes place have been very visible that it became a tourism “place” product itself. The place became a tourist spot that even if it is not Pistay Dayat season, tourists still come and visit. The local government has seen to it that it would be captivating enough for tourism purposes.

Still on the topic of inviting more tourists during Pistay Dayat, spearheaded by Governor Amado T. Espino, Jr., the sea festival was presented with a total repackaging since 2008. From a mere thanksgiving celebration, the festival became a more meaningful feast with genuine goals anchored on tourism, environment and sports as its core advocacies (Pangasinan Capitol, 2013). And just last year 2015, the third and last of this advocacies has been integrated to the festival to increase tourism demand: its sports advocacy. According to Sunstar (2015), three sporting events (Paboksing ed Gulpo, Volleybelles and Skimboarding) have been added to the events in the festival to emphasize Gov. Espino’s priority of sports development in the province (leveling up sports mindedness among Pangasinenses especially the young generation). It has been also stated that Provincial Sports Director Modesto Operania said that, “[t]hese sporting events are also expected to draw big crowd of sports enthusiasts in Pangasinan, in nearby provinces and tourists from all over the globe.”

Local Participation and Other Stakeholders

Liu (2003:466) argued that “‘a greater level of local involvement in the planning and development of tourism is an essential prerequisite of sustainable tourism’… [And] [t]o be successful and sustainable, tourism development should involve ‘various government departments, public and private sector companies, community groups and experts.’” This prerequisite of sustainable tourism could be seen in Pistay Dayat. Local participation is very prevalent not only through selling foods, shirts and souvenirs for tourists but also in the envents and competitions that are made for them as bonafide residents of Pangasinan. (ie. Sand-sculpting). Other stakeholders include the local government, private companies which serve as sponsors (ie. Smart Company, San Miguel Brewery, Inc., Uniliver) and local entrepreneurs from different municipalities who join the Trade and Tourism Expo to promote their native products.

Pistay Dayat for a Sustainable Tourism

One of the reasons why the idea of sustainability in tourism has emerged was because of the “negative” tourism impacts, most especially to the socio-cultural aspect of the tourist destination (Liu 2003:460). The Pistay Dayat, however, for almost nine years now, has quite proven that tourism could be economically, environmentally, and socio-culturally beneficial.

Pistay Dayat has definitely increased the tourism demand in the province which in return brings economic benefits to the government and local people who have tourism-related businesses. But unlike the stereotypical negative association of tourism to cultural integrity, Pistay Dayat has proven so far that while developing economically, we can still keep our cultural integrity. This festival embodies so much of the cultural heritage of Pangasinan. As what Gov. Espino said, the festival serves as the “reawakening of the Pangasinenses’ consciousness regarding music, dances, arts, and culture of the province.” In this festival are events that promote historical heritage and socio-cultural integrity like Trade EXPO (where Pangasinan products are being sold and art exhibits are shown), Palaro sa Dagat with Kite-flying (where several Pinoy games are being played), and Sayawan ed Aplaya (street-dancing where festivals from other localities are represented). There are also events that demonstrate the importance of the nature and environment: Konsyerto sa Gulpo (where young bands sing to promote environmental awareness [Pangasinan Capitol 2013]), Sand Sculpting (“aims to further raise the level of awareness and appreciation of the people on the sea’s ecosystem and non-living things like sand [Pangasinan Capitol 2013]”), the Doypuay Kalangweran or Youth Camp (both a social and environmental activity that “brings together student leaders in Pangasinan for an overnight environmental appreciation rendezvous [Pangasinan Capitol 2013]”, clean-up drive in the beachfront area, and the Banca Parada. According to Melo Villareal (2014), Banca Parada (or the fluvial parade), where over a hundred of decorated bancas sail, is “a celebration of clean river showcasing the provincial government’s serious effort in restoring the river to its original clean and healthy condition thru the massive river clean up drive program of the administration of Governor Amado T. Espino, Jr.”

Just what Liu (2003) has mentioned on his work, sustainable tourism should be seen using a systems and interdisciplinary approaches. Using these perspectives now, we could see a glimpse of hope of sustainability in tourism in the Pistay Dayat festival if it continues on promoting tourism without sacrificing its environmental resources and cultural integrity. Also, tourism might really lead to sustainable development if it continues on promoting inter-generational as well as intra-generational equity. 



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Another Well Spent Sea Fest 🌊🐳🐟🐙

Pista'y Dayat 2017

Ditching class was definitely worth it for this! 😂

One frustrating disadvantage of the academic calendar shift is that the semestral break doesn’t fall under summer season anymore. But guess what, that didn’t stop me from having my summer beach getaway with the fam this year.

After a couple of years, it is the first again that the family decided to go to the beach just like what the locals and tourists do here in town whenever this time of the year comes. Before, we used on doing this too but as time went by, for some reason, we stopped. Maybe because of the hot weather (it’s too much!) and that doing this beach getaway actually demands a lot of work. So when the family told me and my cousins that we could get to celebrate Pista’y Dayat at the beach this year, all of us got so excited! Last night they were all busy planning about today while I was busy coming up with something to convince my parents in letting me stay. 😅 I was supposed to go back to Baguio today since I have classes tomorrow but damn it’s just so hard to leave especially in a special day like this one. Thank God, I have my titos and titas to support me. They helped me in convincing the parentals to let me stay and ditch my first class tomorrow! Hooray! 😁

It has been such a great day! I enjoyed it a lot and I have missed beaching during Pista’y Dayat. We’ll gonna do this again next year, for sure. 💙

Here are some of the photos taken awhile ago:

We also tried boating. It was my first time and it felt like bliss when we reached that part very far from the shore. The water was blue-green!!!




Can’t Stop Falling in Love with Lingayen’s Beauty

I was too lazy the whole day and what only made me get out of the house is my craving for sightseeing. Ha! I wanna go out to roam around the beach and watch the sunset. And I’m tellin’ ya. I really love the photos that I’ve taken of my hometown. I keep on falling in love with Lingayen’s beauty.

Since it is this season for Pista’y Dayat, it is really EXTRA wonderful to visit the Capitol and the beachfront. In ordinary days, it is so beautiful to just chill here and have picnics but during Pista’y Dayat? It becomes more exciting because the ambiance is so festive.




The highlight for today at the beach are the Sandsculpting Competition and Volleybelles. Unfortunately, the moment Jessa and I arrived, the volleyball competition just ended so we didn’t have the chance to watch it. Check these sand sculptures though!

These views, however, aren’t irreplaceable. I couldn’t ask for more. I’d rather be here to witness these than to be somewhere else.


And the sunset was so wonderful. Sml! ❤



The Caffeine Hub Experience

Jessa and I went to Pangasinan National High School this morning to watch Power Dance for their High School Festival. While we were at PNHS, we bumped into Efraim and Kent, our grade school friends and Aldrin. That’s when we’ve decided to go to this newly-opened coffee shop in the town proper, the Caffeine Hub.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We kept on laughing the moment we arrived because we felt out of place. The place was full of students wearing their uniforms. We were the only customer that time who aren’t students. We kept on laughing and joking around that everyone’s looking at us already. I think they had a hint that we’re making fun of them. Haha! We stayed their for an hour and so and had our separate ways then since we have prior commitments and plans. Also, today, I had my hair cut.




Actually, I am not reading any book at the moment since acads got me too occupied these past few weeks and month. Though I am planning to start a new one soon. Seriously! I miss reading. 😩

I just finished  writing some interview questions for Econ Soc’s Application Process (interview) this coming Wednesday and Thursday. A lil bit proud of the self after finding out that some concepts from my basic, micro and macroeconomics are still stored in my brain cells. Thought i’ve already lost them! 😂

To my baby bro who’s reading something ’bout economic sphere and stuff for his report tomorrow. Seriously! T’is a miracle that he’s studying!!! Ha-ha!

Nothing in particular though I got a lot of things that I SHOULD think about (ie. thesis, topic for Econ Soc’s Money Talks, theme and costumes for my photo shoot this coming Saturday, and a lot more! Ugh acads! It sucks being a senior!!!) 💔

This sweet smell of Toblerone 🍫

For the time to stop or move a lil bit slower so that this day won’t be over yet. I don’t wanna go back to Baguio just yet.😢

To survive this week full of requirements!!!

This super comfy white and sleeveless bestida.

The fact that I could eat whatever I want here at home. There are just so many sweets and chocolates and I really missed my pop’s recipes!

To just spend all my time here at home with the fam.

Some more time and break from acads! Puh-lease.

Down because of the fact that I already need to go back to Baguio tomorrow but still happy that I had the chance to spend this weekend here at home with the family. 😊



I Want to Believe That It Isn’t Just an Org

Hello there! It’s been awhile since I last posted here, eh? It actually took me an entire month until I get to update my what and whereabouts again here. The month of March got me so fully-loaded not only with acads but also my org duties and family affairs and celebrations. This isn’t actually my first post today. Honestly, I wrote my entries here dated March 4th and 5th just today. I just don’t want to confuse you that’s why i put it that way but then i realized that this blog is supposed to express myself with all honesty so i guess even the date and time when I publish any of my entries  matter. Haha! Going back, I’ll start this “OPLAN TRACKING OF DATES” (Say whaaaat?! HAHA) with two of the things that busied me the entire month: the Subol Night and the Welcome Party. So last month became a busy month for our org (Subol) because it was when we carried out our application process.

SUBOL NIGHT | March 11. This was an overnight with our applicants somewhere here in Baguio. I don’t have any picture that day because it was a very busy night and almost all of us were preoccupied with the interview. #SecDuties I didn’t had enough time the next day too because i was in a hurry. I left as soon as the last applicant was finished. I went home to Pangasinan that day. Well, as usual. 😂

WELCOME PARTY | March 13. After a “supposed-to-be” one-day rest, we had our Welcome Party there at the beach in Binmaley, Pangasinan. It was an whole-day activity and before the day ended, we welcomed the new members of our family — the Batch Sanaagi! I am so proud of my buddy, Clarissa! Hihi. 😊


With Tienne, Ate Joy and Leo at the Jollibee Junction Dagupan While Waiting for the Others (Ok fine. 2 hours late na nga ako pero may mga mas late pa sa’kin LOL)




With the batchmates! #BatchNanduruma


(c) Kuya Markfil (Alum) | PIXELIGHT MULTIMEDIA 🙂


With our newest members! #UPSSMabilaBilay


“Ang bagay na pinaghihirapan, mahirap bitawan.” Building a legacy through giving back service to where we came from — PANGASINAN.


Goodbye Uni, Hello Christmas Break! 🎄

Finally! Finally, I was able to write a post here again. And FINALLY, I AM HOME BECAUSE IT IS CHRISTMAS VACATION! WEEPEEE! 😁😁😁

So lot of things have happened this past week. I got through my exams and papers, had bunch of dates with my friends and bloc mates, and of course, I went back to Baguio yesterday for the PASIKLABAN 2015!


Pol Sci 160 class with Sir Toto

November 28. Honestly, i almost missed this class that day because i finished my English exam late. I was 30 minutes late. Thanks to Manuel tho who persuaded me to attend our class. Thank God I didn’t miss it! ❣️



December 1. Last day of classes. Justine and I spent more than an hour in the library to look for sources for our paper in PolSci 178 that was focused on the feasibility of a currency union in the Southeast Asian region. Great news is that we got a grade of 92 for this paper. It was a “group” paper and we were partners. As usual. Haha! Anyway,  a ninety-two from THE (great) Atty. Nimreh Calde’s asdfgjkmsdlk! I dunno how many bad words came out from our mouths after knowing our score! Twas a damn good news!


Christmas Lights at the UPB Oblation Grounds

December 5. This photo was taken after our Final exam in our English class (the last exam i took this sem!). After the exam, Krissxan (the one i am with in this photo), Anna and I went to SM to watch for the fireworks display! 🎆🎇 Watching fireworks displays has always been so satisfying and fun to me. That’s why i really found it the best way of celebrating that night!


A Get-Together with the EconDos #blocmates

December 7. My last day of doing and submitting requirements. Finally, the day has come! Ha ha. We had a GTG, as what Manuel (the organizer! Lol) called it, as in a “GET TOGETHER” (I really thought it meant “got to go” tho haha), that night. It served as the bloc’s sem-ender. Sad thing’s we weren’t complete that night because the others were still busy with acads and stuff. Actually, that night had two parts. Haha. We went to Sala first and had three pitchers of cocktails and went to Good Taste afterwards to eat dinner. It was a fun night. It has always been fun with EconDos. Yiieee. 😍

I went home here at Pangasinan the next day and started my Christmas break! Ha! Yesterday, Decmeber 11, I went back to Baguio to attend the Pasiklaban 2015

At around 2PM, Justine, Iris, Luther and I went to Ihaw Juan and ate lunch. Gleney and Cait arrived an hour after because they had stuff to do. It was an eat-all-you-can restau! Ya. Imagine me in an eat-all-you-can restau. Tho lugi because i didn’t eat that much, that lunch date was still sulit because of the fun (again) i had with the friends.

We went back to school at 5PM because the parade’s about to start already. We parted ways (lol) for awhile because i joined the parade with the Subolites while they were with the EconSoc.

PASIKLABAN 2015. After the parade, I joined Iris, Lorelie and Caitlin at the grounds and stayed there to watch for the performances. My favorite part was the fireworks display, of course. Aside from keeping an eye on Gio (lol), I enjoyed the performances of the faculty from the three colleges and the jamming with the bands!

The Night’s Highlights:

  • Oblation Run! Duh. Haha
  • Tabak’s performance (focused on the upcoming 2016 National Elections)
  • Shadow’s performance (as usual)
  • CAC Faculty’s GHOST FIGHTER-THEMED Performance #AForEffort
  • CS Faculty Performance:
    1. Yung abs ni Sir Andrei
    2. Yung smile ni Sir Andrei
    3. Yung mga bagong prof (ang popogi swear! haha)
    4. Wala si Sir Aris 😩
    5. Nag-alis ng shirt si Sir Andrei. So yung abs ulit.
    6. Yung abs ni Sir Andrei
    7. Nasabi ko na ba yung abs ni Sir Andrei?
  • CSS Faculty Performance:
    1. Kasama na si Ate Wrakle! Hihi
    2. Wala si Sir Ruel my labs 😭😭
    3. Dapat ata THE MATH LUGA PERFORMANCE ang tawag dito haha
    4. Ang pogi pa rin ni Sir Ado #RedStripedLongSleeves
    5. Ang cute ni Sir Mond. Humiheadbang pa!
    6. “I’M FAILING YOU” – Ma’am Gladys Cruz (Hahaha #PANALO)
  • Jamming with bands after the program #parteh!

I went home with my housemates at around 12 AM. And went back here at Pangasinan this morning. The sem was officially over so GOODBYE FOR NOW UNI, AND HELLO TO YOU CHRISTMAS BREAK! We meet again. 💙